Ferrous Metals

Recycle Your Metals With Us

If you suspect you may have some ferrous metals for scrap, you’re in the right place. Carew Car Dismantlers will take the metals off your hands and recycle them for a very good price. Our talented, family run team has over 50 years’ experience and knowledge to recycle all types of metal safely. Additionally, we offer free collection to all those who need it.

So, do you have some scrap metals you’re wanting to recycle? We are just one phone call away.

What Does Ferrous Mean?

These metals can be found everywhere and have very durable properties. These metals can be recycled again and again making them highly valued by the scrap metal industry. They are diverse and hold many different properties making their beneficial assets adaptable to many products. Here are some common types that you may come across:

Do your bit and recycle now. Get in touch!

Why Recycle?

Recycling ferrous metals is very good for the environment. The process of recycling scrap metal consumes far less energy than what is needed to mine new metals. It helps reduce carbon emissions greatly. There is no loss of quality to the product. Lastly, these metals help towards additional revenue and improves on waste management.

As you can see, recycling is extremely helpful. Recycle your metals with us today, get in touch!

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